Located at Consuelo

Limited pax per sess

Lunch & drinks

90 mins sess

Siargao Wakepark consist out of two lakes connected by a poolgap. The main lake is 100m long and 30m wide. It’s the base of the park and the place where beginner and intermediate riders ride.


Siargao Wakepark organize sessions for beginner, intermediate and experienced riders. Each session will be 90min long and shared with friends, family or other participants. You can book individually or as a group.


For everyone

Our wakepark contains a 2-tower cable system. Manual control and individual instruction makes it the perfect learning ground for everyone. Kids are also very welcome. They only require basic swimming skills and parental guidance.

Any time

Wakeboarding can be practiced with any weather or wind condition. No need to wait for prefect waves or wind, just book your slot and ride a lot!

Lakefront Kubo

Before, After and During the session you can enjoy one of our Lakefront Kubo’s to chill, relax or wait for your turn to ride again